PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update Released & Download , Install on Android ,IOS Devices

PBG today brought out its new update for Game Lovers.PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update Today it has been rolled out in an updated form to all Android and Apple users.But what are the implications of this? ? Let’s see how to update today.It looks like this update is coming with a lot of new features. This includes vehicles, game mode and many other changes.This article will help you learn more about updating pubg mobile 1.3.

pubg Mobile 1.3 What is the update size? What if there is an update for Android and ios devices?

pubg Revealed in patch notes when it comes to mobile size. The file size is close to 950 MB.Updating pubg mobile on Android mobile will be up to 650 MB. If you have an iPhone, it means that if you are an ios user, the size will be 950 MB to 1.5 GB.

Pubg players can get this update from March 9th to March 14th. Otherwise you can download it from the link and update it anytime.



As far as I know pubg mobile 1.3 update has started rolling out. But now you may get an error. If you want to update you can update from the Google Play Store.

Patch notes of the PUBG Mobile 1.3 update .

  • . Performance and system imporvement.
  • New Vehicle : Motor Gluder
  • Hundred Rhytms Mode
  • Melee Weapon Display Features
  • Royale Pass Season 18 :hundred Rhythms 



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