Improving your software security

Programming security in the present time is principal. Programming merchants are presented to various dangers that put an organization’s licensed innovation in danger. Malignant elements deconstruct a merchant’s items to copy and convey illicit duplicates of unlicensed programming.
Secutech’s cross-stage UniKey dongle range eases the weight encompassing security while giving extraordinary usefulness choices. Unikey gives adaptability of flexible permitting plans and aids the administration and conveyance of programming. All UniKey items are driverless.

Improve Software Security

This makes conveyance as straightforward as ‘fitting and play,’ this implies establishment times and similarity issues are stayed away from. UniKey is a better item in the market due than its abnormal state of adaptability for programming permit control. Most outstanding is its scope last of permitting choices, including highlight, based, rental, membership, and that’s just the beginning. Moreover, UniKey is upheld by a wide range of working frameworks in both 32 and 64-bit positions.
SecuTech comprehends the significance of brand acknowledgment. We offer shading customization of our UniKey items just as laser-drawing alternatives for content or logos. UniKey’s coasting permit enables programming suppliers to keep up control of every one of their dongles’ settings last from their command post even after conveyance.
Secutech’s complete UniKey range offers refined equipment based information and programming assurance answers for the multifaceted security needs despite programming organizations.

UniKey STD:

UniKey STD consolidates a customizable and simple to utilize interface conveys the best in programming permit control encouraged using a physical dongle and crucial secret security. With UniKey, just clients possessing both the physical dongle and essential programming IDs can utilize your product.
Regardless of whether you are a prepared developer or a security new kid on the block, UniKey STD offers a financially savvy answer for some engineers that empower the permitting of programming to one client for each dongle. It is an independent dongle perfect for programming items that don’t require systems administration based highlights.

Unikey Pro:

UniKey PRO offers similar usefulness as the unity STD with the consideration of system usefulness. Ideal for designers discharging their product for more extensive circulation, a single dongle associated with any machine in the system permits countless simultaneous clients to get to the information.
Moreover, UniKey ace comes outfitted with screen and deal with the product’s clients. Unikey expert is adaptable apparatus to engineers authorizing programming to whole associations or groups.
Unikey time:
Notwithstanding the power pressed highlights of UniKey PRO UniKey time empowers authorizing of programming which requires severe time-sensitive programming limitations.
UniKey time is the main accessible item available that accompanies an ongoing clock that works autonomously of the host PC’s clock – making the planning with UniKey time progressively secure and exact. By inserting the check-in, the dongle itself guarantees a precise and carefully designed time and date, offering guaranteed recognition of continuously based highlights. UniKey Time is the must-have gadget for programming merchants offering preliminary or time-sensitive plans.

Unikey Drive:

The UniKey drive expands the elements of the UniKey star with included mass stockpiling Flash memory. It offers a total answer to store your application’s information documents and your application safely.
The application keeps running on another parcel that empowers the end client just to view the records. The UniKey drive ensures the respectability of the organization’s information. And forestalls the control of information by clients who may have a fatal aim.

At the end

Traditional authorizing arrangements are not adequate in the present market, and factors, for example, the nature, ability, and comfort of programming permitting arrangements have been incapable for robust licensed innovation assurance by programming organizations. Secutech’s UniKey items guarantee assurance against protected innovation misuse and income misfortune.
If you need to improve and upgrade the security of your product items, visit our site to get a free assessment Kit.
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